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PVC Profiles

The requirements on adhesives and primer systems for wrapping PVC window profiles are immense. KLEIBERIT offers a complete product range for all types of profiles and films, in addition to decades of experience.

The KLEIBERIT product range focuses on the requirements of the new RAL GZ 716 as well as manufacturer requirements regarding faster and safer processing. KLEIBERIT hotmelt adhesives based on polyurethane (PUR) have very good hydrolysis/thermolysis properties and an extremely wide processing window. These adhesive systems are perfectly compatible with all RAL GZ 716 certified KLEIBERIT primers for pre-treating PVC profiles.

For example, the low-VOC primer KLEIBERIT 840.3, without NEP additives on polymer basis, with fluorescent formulation for controlling application on the entire surface, visible under UV light. Modern primers can be applied with felt and vacuum application technologies.

Over the last 25 years, reactive PUR hotmelt adhesives have been  become prevalent  for the lamination of PVC window profiles, as they excellently fulfill the highest requirements. The PUR HM KLEIBERIT 704 series in particular has established a quality standard in the market.  Especially due to excellent ageing resistance and good adhesion to plastics and aluminum.

Certified according to RAL GZ 716.

An overview of the KLEIBERIT portfolio for laminating PVC window profiles can be found in the overview: 

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